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The Liberty Fleet Windjammer Cruise Blog offers a collection of trips reviews and Captain's Log journal entries that will help you discover what our special style of sailing ship cruising is all about. Please join us for an adventure as we share our tales of sailing in New England, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

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Recent blog posts
Captains Blog: Eleuthera, fresh fish and lobster, and plenty of great sailing aboard our Schooner!

Safe and sound in Nassau. 

This week we sailed to Eleuthera and explored some new territory. started off the week sailing to Egg Island where we snorkeled the wreck of an old fertilizer ship that is said to have burned in the 70's, although the wreck was filled with lionfish and grouper, we did not have a catch of the day to serve up. (Sorry Jan and Jason!)...However, they had their hands full making a beautiful Caribbean Lobster dinner for the guests!
After lunch we hauled back and motored into the lee of Egg island to drop the hook and spend a few hours before dinner hanging out on the beach. Enjoyed the musical talents of passengers Erica and Skyler before beginning our night transit towards Alabaster Bay.
The following day was spent exploring the abandoned navy base. sailing the pea pod, and frisbee on the beach! Alabaster bay is perfect with its mile long beach, soft sand and friendly pot cakes! next was a great sail to the calm anchorage of South Palmetto pt. where we made our way to the Atlantic side beach bar "Tippy's" which Skyler made very apparent to have a very strong rum punch.
Governors harbor came next, with Junkanoo practice in full swing some passengers were able to get a preview of the festivities to come. to top off a great week we finished it off with some snorkeling and pea pod sailing at rainbow cay where we were finally able to serve up a few lionfish. Passengers surely enjoyed themselves.
(Our little friend we saw swimming about)
We did leave Nassau with 10 passengers however only returned with eight.....................
Matt and Jackie had already planned on spending the next two weeks in Eleuthera so we left them in Rainbow cay after dinner Friday night!
Until next time
Captain Dylan Salzmann
Schooner Liberty Clipper
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Capt Jon Cook here sending out some good vibes from the Virgin Islands, aboard the Liberty Star. This week was full of fun and adventure starting out with an amazing sail into Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke. We were able to sail right onto the anchor, always a treat. With an amazing group of passengers we explored some new spots including the beautiful beach resort at Nanny Cay, Tortola, where we all made some new friends and new memories.
The sailing all week was nothing short of amazing on our traditional schooner in the trade winds that have been sailed upon for centuries by these beautiful ships. As if the sailing wasn't enough, we were also able to do some hiking, swimming, and snorkeling to take in the beauty of all the on land and below the water inhabitants. The sea turtles were very active this week and were spotted several times a day and we were even treated to the company of a pod of dolphins guiding us to their favorite spots.
I will also have to take a second to mention all the wonderful food on board as our ship's cook, Sue,is able to prepare 5 star meals that are a real treat to your taste buds It's hard to beat enjoying her food while watching the the sunset over the mountains of the islands. 
Until next week
Capt Jon Cook
Schooner Liberty Star
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Captains Blog: Full moon party at Trellis Bay, and more great tall ship sailing throughout the week!


Good afternoon from the Virgin Islands. Good afternoon is the proper way to greet locals in this region and if you hear it, the proper response is just to say, "Okay". The local culture is certainly always a highlight of these sailing adventures. We were able to surprise our guests this week with attending the Full Moon party at Trellis Bay, Beef Island.
(Full Moon Party)
Full of rich culture and local artwork, this place is a microcosm of the island culture. Being able to sail all around these islands on a traditional schooner brings us even closer to this feeling of being part of the local culture as tall ships in the days of yore called these islands, "the stop on the way to everywhere", as they were a pinnacle stopping point throughout all the trade routes for the Spanish, English, Dutch, and French.
This week was, as always, filled with great weather, beautiful sailing with great winds, and the necessary swim calls and snorkeling spots! 
See you next week,
Captain Jon Cook
Schooner Liberty Star
Liberty Fleet of Tallships 
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Captains Blog: Bringing in the New Year aboard the Schooner Liberty Star with Moku Jumbies, fire dancing and new friends
Greetings from St Thomas on the Liberty Star! What a great week down in the islands to bring in the new year with some great wind, sailing, and passengers. With the wind filling the sails and the rail in the water we made our way up to Virgin Gorda. Then it was nothing but smooth sailing from there as we made our way to some of the best spots in the islands and were able to stop to cool down in the water during the amazing snorkeling adventures.
It's hard to beat a New years party at Trellis with the local art community throwing an extravagant event with a great touch of local traditions and culture including Moku Jumbies, local music, and fire dancing.
Matching up a traditional touch of the islands with a traditional way of exploring them makes a memorable trip for all while even getting the passengers to help sail the boat down the Sir Francis Drake channel past all of the historic Virgin Islands. So make sure to come down and share the experience soon!


Capt Jon Cook
Schooner Liberty Star
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Captains Blog: Sailing with the rail in the water, great sunsets and new friends made aboard the Schooner Liberty Star in the BVI's!

Captains Blog! 

Greetings from St. Thomas, Red Hook aboard the Liberty Star! I'm going to try to keep a Captains Blog updated around once a week, so I hope you will tune in and join us for our adventures! This week we departed Red Hook on Monday morning at about 0700. Leaving the dock was uneventful (phew). 

With a great wind direction, we decided to raise all of the Star's sails, and called on our guests to come help us out! She's a smaller schooner, so it doesn't take as much manpower as her larger friends, but it doesn't take away from the beauty of hauling on a halyard! With winds at about 15 knots and above, we enjoyed an awesome sail over to the BVI's, with the rub rail in the water for part of it. 

It really doesn't get any better than the weather in the BVI's. It was sunny, warm and beautiful for the whole week (much nicer than our Boston counterparts!). Once we reached our first destination in Jost Van Dyke, we quickly went for a swim call off the boat, and started snorkeling. This became a ritual as every day was filled with flips of the bowsprite, cold beverages on deck, and of course myself blowing the conch shell to let the sun know its okay to go down! 


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Experienced Christmas on the Liberty Clipper for 6 days!

We made it back to port safe and sound! What a wonderful experience sailing on the Liberty Clipper in the Bahamas for Christmas. The crew was great and made me feel so safe and at home aboard the boat. Food was awesome (thanks Jan!) and now unfortunately I'm back on my diet. Hope we can do this again in the future sometime. Love Sailing Tall Ships. 

  Thanks for everything! 


  Pat H.

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Wonderful Sail through the Bahamas for Christmas on a classic windjammer


Below is my captains report on our Christmas Cruise through the Bahamas. This week we got a lot of sailing in, and very minimal daytime transits as we did a lot of night sailing under an amazing canopy of stars. Our week started with a wonderful welcome reception in Nassau before departing out dock in Nassau at 0600 Monday morning bound for the Exumas Land and Sea Park with our first stop being Allans Cay.

After a nice close reach to Allans in the morning, our guests enjoyed some snorkeling and hanging out on the beach with the iguanas before we hauled back the anchor and motored through the night to Staniel Cay, home of Thunderball Grotto made famous during the filming of the James Bond movie Thunderball. We spend all of Tuesday and Tuesday night at Staniel Cay sailing the pea pod, paddle boarding, feeding the pigs, snorkeling the Grotto and visiting the yacht club. Everyone loved getting into the warm water and experiencing the true natural beauty of the Bahamas.

The highlight of Christmas Eve was taking the small boat through the anchorage with crew and guests Christmas caroling. Christmas day brought great wind for our sail to Rocky Dundas and Warderick Wells. That night, we set up movie night on deck for our guests and watched "A White Christmas" under the stars. While I've seen this movie on many a Christmas, watching it under the stars on a tall ship in the Bahamas was something special that I will always remember.

Thursday we sailed to Normans Cay and explored the beaches and the underwater wreck of an old DC3 drug smuggling plane; nestled in about 20-feet of water, it was easy to see a lot of detail on the old wreck. Our guests requested some more night sailing so we hauled back anchor again and sailed Thursday night bound for Rose Island where we spent all day Friday snorkeling the north shore.

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Sailing the Bahamas Out Islands and Exumas aboard the Schooner Liberty Clipper

Amazing vacation sailing the Bahamas Out Islands and the Exumas aboard the Liberty Clipper, fantastic crew, amazing crew. Lee AKA "Muffin" Made for an enjoyable. Never felt uncomfortable (that could of been the rum). Loved the pigs on Big Major, the Thunderball grotto, and the iguanas. Loved the trip, and hope to be back! 


Matthew S.

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Sailing the Exuma Island Chain with the Liberty Clipper and crew

Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience sailing on the Liberty Clipper! I had a blast and cannot wait to return!! I've seen SO many things in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas that I would have never expected and my mind is BLOWN!!! THANK YOU GUYS!





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First timers aboard the Schooner Liberty Star in the BVI's
This was my first sailing trip aboard a windjammer in the Caribbean and it was fabulous. Kyle was a great sailing dinghy captain. Clint was a fantastic leader through the baths and the caves. Cory with his sailing paddle board. Sue, all the food was to die for. And Captain Jon, what a great ride we had with you. I think we'll spend some time in a boat somewhere. The week couldn't have been better. How quickly you all took in four strangers and let us become part of your family. Thank you all so much and remember; "Stay out of my swing!"
Signed Cathy & Tim S.
November 30, 2013


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Schooner Maintenance, some fishy lunch aboard the high sea's and a changing of the season!


     While winter temperatures are coming (I saw snow on Sunday....), our two girls are nice and warm down South! The Liberty Star had a couple of upgrades put in, and is now sailing through the Bahamas, on her way to the BVI's and her first cruise of the year! These guys even had time to catch lunch yesterday....

Catching dinner while sailing on a tall ship


(From Left to Right: Erin, John, Clint and Seth)

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Two adventurers take on the Schooner Liberty Clipper in the Bahamas. Windjammer Vacation cruise off the bucket list now!

At the end of one of our most memorable weeks ever. The sailing, the snorkeling, the relaxing, the adventure, the passengers, the crew, the beautiful Liberty Clipper----We can't say enough how much we appreciate the opportunity to be here and experience it all for the Windjammer Cruise of a lifetime. Cheers especially to the amazing crew , who worked so hard to make sure all of us passengers were not only well taken care of-but that we could also get out, explore, and cross more dreams off our bucket lists, and make memories for ourselves that will truly last us our lives. 



 God bless you guys and this beautiful ship!

          Cheers, Hope to do this again, 

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A 50th Birthday aboard a Bahamas Tall Ship celebration that was out of this world!

Going back through my thoughts of what I could imagine a Tall Ship Windjammer Cruise would be was nothing like it was. From the moment we came on board till our final dinner together tonight. Everything has been such a wonderful, dream like feeling of relaxing. I did do snorkeling- Think it's not meant for a farm girl to try and drown herself! But the beaches was the most beautiful thing in the world.....Club Med beach was indescribable in words or pictures-Beautiful sand & water. Governers Bay was so nice, no pressure and a lot of supplies.

The crew aboard the Clipper was excellent. Jan the cook-Always had a wonderful smile (no wonder she has the best job). Feeding all of us. 

  • Sean- was quiet but great! Always there when you needed something.
  • Derek- Very kind and sweet, had lots of fun at the Club Med with him & crew
  • Amanda- Always smiling and laughing
  • Maggie- Great voice! Very entertaining
  • Tom H- Aaahh my bartender! Dark & Stormy's every day! Lots of fun and always up for a laugh
  • Captain Chris-Awesome, always found us the best beaches and small coves

As I planned my 50th Birthday I never could have imagined how much fun I was going to have, had the best time of my life and I think no family problems either! Great new friends, hope to see again in travels around the world.

God Bless, Happy Holidays

May the wind always stay in your sails,

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Posted by on in Windjammer Cruises
It's that time of the season.....

With the leaves changing at our home office in Boston, it not only signifies the change in seasons from Summer to Fall, but the start of our transit down South and the beginning of our Bahamas and BVI’s Windjammer Cruise season! I had the wonderful opportunity to sail aboard as a deckhand last season. It’s really not just the fact that you are down in the Bahamas that makes it great, but the people you meet. There are several trips I think were my favorite, but the Junkanoo New Years trip really stands out. We had such a diverse and incredible group of people, all who shared the same interest…They wanted to LIVE FREE! While it only lasted a week, from waking up on the fore deck and seeing the beautiful sunrise over Rainbow Key, to paddle boarding out into the sunset. I’ll never forget that trip.

One other trip really stuck out in my mind, and that was when we had Dusty & Nicky aboard in February. They have traveled all over the world, and are renowned bloggers. I always say it’s hard to explain what you will experience in your week down in the islands with us, so I’ll let them tell you:

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The best Caribbean vacation sailing with the Tall Ship Liberty Clipper

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the crew of the Liberty Clipper!  This was one of the best vacations I have ever had.  Climbing aloft, dolphins, the Schooner Olympics, playing games, getting lost in a book, sailing, learning, the wind, meeting the other passengers and crew, moon pods, snorkeling, paddle boarding, Jan's delicious food, playing the guitar, learning to play the ukulele (hardly), sunrise, sunset, playing, seeing Captain Matt in all his glory and dignity, spending quality time with my favorites-Megan, Kate, and Matt.  All in all the adventure and freedom of sailing!

Thank you all again for such a wonderful time.  This week was the best way to spend my 30th birthday.

Bess W.

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Fun and great memories during vacation Sailing the Bahamas on a Schooner!

So glad Captain Matt was sailing on the Liberty Clipper this week I had off of work. What a great 30th birthday to remember with cousin Megan, Captain Matt and of course Bess. Snorkeling, climbing aloft, seeing dolphins swim at the bow, a sea turtle at The Glass Window, reading, playing Liar's Dice and Bananagrams. Thanks to the wonderful crew for making this tall ship cruise in the Bahamas so enjoyable. Oh! and for Schooner Olympics - probably my favorite!

Kate W.

Almeda, CA


(Here you are aloft!) 

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Didn't know what to expect sailing on a Tall Ship in the Bahamas, but it was amazing!

It's already been said on previous pages, but I feel exactly the same.  I LOVED the crew, the cruise, and the places we explored.  The food was excellent and the crew helpful, courteous and professional.  I'd never been on a sailing vessel before; so I didn't know what to expect.  Loved it all!  It was especially nice that we only had to share everything with a limited number of guests.  Good luck in your future endeavors.

Tempe, AZ

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Great chemistry, friends, food and more aboard my windjammer sailing adventure in the Bahamas

What a wonderful 6 days aboard the windjammer Liberty Clipper! Having never sailed before, we knew we were about to embark on a truly remarkable experience, however were not prepared for how much more special the crew was to make our trip sailing the Bahamas.  Chris, John, Sean, Clint, Jan, Jason, Maggie, Amanda and Mike- a truly spectacular crew, their professionalism and team chemistry was impeccable, yet their courtesy and involvement with each of the passengers made us feel like part of the family.  We will miss them all-until we come back!

Thank you all for a wonderful voyage! :)

Rick&Nancy, Orlando, FL

P.S.- youl'll always have a free place to stay in Orlando :)

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Great time spearfishing, sailing a Windjammer and enjoying the Bahamas Tall Ship style with Tony!

Merci Beaucoup! 

  We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the LC. Except for the time when we slept through the great sailing, when Eric threw our drink away :(, and when Tom kept leaving his galoshes all over the boat. Highlights included Tony spearing the Lionfish, sunny weather, Junkanoo, Eleuthera and all the fantastic hard work that the crew put in to make our experience fantastic! 


P.S. The dishes were SPARKLING! 


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First sailing vacation in the BVI's aboard a classic tall ship!

For my first sailing experience on a tall ship in the BVI's it was incredible. The Liberty Star was just a good enough size for Josh and I to feel included if needed with the crew, or feel like we were on the boat all by ourselves. It helped that we were the only ones sailing this trip, but I am sure if the boat was full, it would still feel the same. The entire crew were phenomenal. The captain gave us tons of options for us to do each day and never pressured us into one thing or another. Carlos was very well informed in terms of sailing and was so calm and gentle with the crew that it made the sailing more enjoyable. Even the other crew mentioned that Carlos was one of the best Captains that they have sailed under because of his demeanor.


          Tia, who cooked for us was awesome as well. Not only was her food amazing but talking to her and experiencing some of the excursions with her were just as awesome. She always had a smile  on her face and took extra care of us. She was willing to change up the meals to meet our varied palates and never complained about doing so either. She is an amazing woman and has done some extraordinary things. She supplies lots of laughs but also some down home comfort when needed!! She is a keeper.

          Scott the deckhand..or dinghy captain as I liked to call him had to be the most entertaining person on the ship. Granted he is a young kid, but his knowledge of sailing exceeded his age. He knew so much about it and was always willing to teach us about sailing ,that it made the trip so much more enjoyable. He was hilarious and was never afraid to laugh at himself. He was the one we spent the most time with, as he was in charge of taking us to shore all the time...and he made those trips exciting. He was a complete and utter gentleman, and would help us when ever we needed anything. A lot of nights, he was our main entertainment...and he never let us down. For being a 19 year old on a ship in the Caribbean, he never once let his professionalism slip. And that amazed me. He definitely made me smile...ALOT!

        The entire crew were amazing and I think that helped make the trip so much more enjoyable. They allowed Josh and I our space when we wanted it, and came and talked to us when we got tired of each other :). It was definitely worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! 

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